How to be a freelance contributor!

Our target readership for Freelance is anyone with an interest in writing. Therefore we want articles related to the craft of writing and the business of being a writer from beginner to best-seller.

Our lead article, A Writer's Journey, which provides the cover artwork, is always commissioned, and we do not accept poetry, fiction or articles of a general nature.

If you have experience or expertise to share, contact us first rather than send an unsolicited submission. That said, we're always interested to know what's going on in the world of writing and publishing, about competitions and awards, and all kinds of literary events and occasions, especially in New Zealand. Keep Freelance in the loop!

We do like to know what you get up to in your writers' groups and circles, and get comments and queries from you, too - that is your Write of Reply. Writers helping writers is what Freelance is all about.

Once you're given the go-ahead to send us your proposed article, please note:

Freelance deadlines for 2015

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